Instead of flowers, this Couple surprised their wedding party with puppies (photos)

Flowers on your wedding day? So overdone. Try puppies instead.

After Sarah and Matt Crain’s puppy bouquets got loads of love online, other couples have replaced their flowers with dogs to make pup bouquets a full-on wedding trend.

Kathryn Dombrowski and Brad Zeimer are one of those couples.

Kathryn volunteers at animal rescue Secondhand Hounds, and has always had a passion for rescuing animals. Brad, like most people, loves dogs.

So when they tied the knot, they knew that puppies had to be involved.

Kathryn contacted photographer Alycia Faye, who happens to be a Puppy Party Coordinator at Secondhand Hounds (sounds like our dream job) and Rachel, the Executive Director, to work out how they could include some puppies in their special day.

They decided to bring in 13 puppies to appear in their photos, to use their wedding as a chance to promote adopting pups in need instead of buying dogs from pet shops.

On the day, Kathryn and Brad surprised their wedding party by handing them each a puppy in place of a bouquet as they came outside to pose for wedding photos.

‘They were SO excited,’ Alycia told metro

‘Kathryn said they thought they were coming outside for regular photos but when they got outside we were there with 13 pit bull puppies.

‘The bridal party was so in love and there was a lot of kissing going on!’

Alycia told us that the puppies were the perfect wedding surprise, and that – thankfully – there weren’t any extra difficulties involved with photographing them instead of flowers.

‘The puppies were so great and absolutely loves on everyone.

‘No challenges other than hoping everyone, including the bridal party since they were so excited, could hold their potties until after the photos were taken.’

After the wedding the five-week-old puppies were taken back to their mum, named Pikachu, and are currently living with a foster owner.

The bride and groom also made donations to Secondhand Hounds in place of wedding favours, and told The Huffington Post that they hope the photos of their pup bouquets will remind everyone to rescue dogs in need instead of going to breeders or shops.

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