TSS Interior: Nailing The Minimalist Chic Theme

A minimalist chic theme might appear to be the easiest interior design to nail but is surprisingly one of the most difficult. This is borne from the fact that with the minimalist style, one is faced with working with a lot less. Think clean lines, clean surfaces, clean formula, clean walls and lots of free space.

Actually, a minimal look is all about the creation of space, free from clutter. Item are stored safely away from (or in) plain sight. What this means is that this style will not work for you if you are prone to hoarding stuff. It boils down to keeping the essentials, if it doesn’t serve a profound purpose in the room, it really shouldn’t be there.

Decorations and artwork are best kept simple, bare windows (especially overlooking a breathtaking view) or simple, solid colored curtains, or simple, wooden blinds work perfectly well with this theme.


Comfy-Minimalist-Living-Room Floating-shelves-are-a-natural-choice-for-the-minimal-room Iconic-Noguchi-Coffee-Table-is-at-home-in-pretty-much-any-setting Minimal-homes-are-all-about-creating-plenty-of-visual-space  Modern-Minimalist-Living-Room Neutral-Minimalist-Living-Room Wall-mounted-shelves-accentuate-the-clean-and-well-defined-lines White-Minimalist-Living-Room

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