Ispirata by Hussain’s 2016 collect toes the metrosexual line

Emerging Nigerian label Ispirata by Hussain’s first collection of 2016 has been the first menswear collection since the Emmy Kasbit Disturbia collection that has been really intriguing for a myriad of reasons. Like Kasbit, Hussain chooses an unconventional setting for the collection and does some exploration into deviation of form and silhouette. But where Kasbit fails, Hussain succeeds largely because of some inspired pre-production choices.

Before the clothes, the label’s set for the photo-shoot was an Indian giver. Choosing to complement the clothes with a lush, obviously lived in interior space helped lend the air of sophistication and luxury the brand was trying for. But this was detrimental because the space was decidedly more luxurious and ended up drawing attention away from the clothes. A minor misstep that can be overlooked in light of the work that actually went into the clothes.

While the bulk of the clothes are conventional menswear, the label does some experimentation with construction. They tackle the skrouser trend, giving us the best iteration of a skrouser I’ve seen in recent times. The fabric used to make the pants are very detailed and the cut of the pants give the illusion that the skirt flap is more, perhaps a loosely concealed scabbard.  There is also the tweed belted trench and pants ensemble that is superbly cut and the double buttoned dress pants that in theory should throw off the wearer’s proportions, but instead help complement it and a tunic the conventional neck closure reworked as an aesthetic back flap.

But what truly sets this collection apart is Hussain’s inspired fabric choices. The glamorous jacquard weaves of his cotton, linen and velvet elevate the collection from mildly interesting to a piece of work that demands respect. Now all that is left is for the label to capitalize on this in their next collection.

Ispirata by Hussain inspirata 11 Inspirata 10 Inspirata 9 Inspirata 8 Inspirata 7 Inspirata 6 Inspirata 5 Inspirata4 Inspirata 3 Inspirata 2 Inspirata


Designer: Ispirata By Hussain
Collection: Gentleman Class Of ‘16
Creative & Art Direction: TheJordanBrand™
Photography: Manny Jefferson
Models: Davoh Pwajok, Joseph Obanubi and Sheyi Omo-Olu Isaac
Stylist: Milan
Make Up: Femi Fowler

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