It’s almost Valentine’s and we hope you are not wearing red

It’s almost the 14th, and if you haven’t started fretting about what to wear, then you are probably going to be with us on our couches. And for those who aren’t going to be, and still haven’t figured out what to wear, we’ve got you covered.

First things first no red, we know it’s St. Valentine’s favourite colour and all of that but the look is played out, and we could do without seeing it this year. So if you already had a red dress or red pants picked out, why don’t you dump it and try any of these colours instead.

  1. Pastel: Pastels are the new black for 2016, and its soft look is perfect for Valentine’s day. Try out pink, baby blue and mauve colours.
  2. Emerald Greens. This colour pops on anybody’s skin tone and gives you quite a regal look.
  3. Yellow. If you follow our blog, then you’ll remember how much we gushed about the colour yellow. But in case you missed it, you can check it out here.
  4. Brown. From chocolate brown to rust colours, brown is a colour people forget you can have fun with.
  5. Grey. There are surprisingly several shades of grey to play around with (50 shades isn’t just a movie). Mix it up with other colours for a more fun look.
  6. Army Green. Remember we told you, that the camo trend is dead. Well here is a friendly reminder, in case you forgot. But if you were a lover of the camo trend, you can get in to the army trend with army green colours.
  7. Black. The only reason we added black to this list is as a friendly reminder, that when all else fails, you can always fall back on black. Go for slacks and jumpsuits instead of the usual little black dress.
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