#IWD2016: “One day I will…” 8 Nigerian women speak

In honour of 2016’s International Women’s Day, Google put up the coolest doodle ever, tagged #OneDayIWill. The doddle is a video of women from all over the world talking about the feats they hope to achieve one day.

Inspired by the video, I talked to 8 women, about what feats they hoped to achieve, one day.

Mama Tobi

One day I go dey sell this my fish to all these oyibo people. They go buy sote I go just dey open shop around Nigeria.


One day I’ll walk the runways of all the major designers at all the major fashion weeks. I’m talking walking for Tom Ford in London kind of thing.


One day I’ll be president. Ok so maybe not me, maybe Taiwo or at least a woman who knows how the hell to run a country for a change.


One day I’ll travel the world. Literally just pack up all my shit and go, maybe after I’ve made a ton of money. Maybe I won’t make it to every country, but I’ll start with every continent.

Iya Sikira

Ah one day I go dey make hair for Buhari wife. All those minister, governor dem dem all their wife na me go make their hair.


One day I’ll be my own boss. I’ve worked a 9-5 for the past decade of my life and while I enjoy the security of earning a steady salary, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. One day I’ll finally muster up the courage to do just that.

Victoria, 5 years old

One day I’ll have a big office, a big car and plenty money. I’ll be friends with presidents and be very very important.


One day I’ll be defined by my own success, not my husband’s or father’s but my mine.

If you haven’t seen the Google doodle, check it out below. Most of it is in foreign languages but you’ll get the gist. Happy International Womens’ Day!

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