Just how much damage does sleeping in makeup do to your face?

We always hear about how we should never sleep with makeup, and how damaging it is for our skin. We are expected to wipe, wash and moisturize after a full day of wearing makeup. But does sleeping in makeup really do any damage to our skin, and if it does how much?

Here’s exactly what happens when you do- Let’s say you put on makeup for work in the morning, and get back home about ten hours later. During the course of your day, you’ve probably done some running around which means sweat, dirt and oil has gotten mixed with your makeup. The combination of these things, clogs your pores causing you to breakout and blackheads to form. Mascara and eyeliner could get into your eyes causing eye infections for particularly sensitive people. Sleeping in mascara especially causes the pores of eyelashes to clog up, stunts growth and causes them to break off and fall out.

Our skin renews itself at night, naturally healing itself and regenerating new skin cells. Sleeping in makeup, interferes with this process causing your skin to age prematurely, that brings wrinkles early on. Sleeping in makeup in general is harmful for you skin, but sleeping in oil based ones which are less breathable is particularly more harmful.

So no matter how exhausted you are, always take out a little time to wash your face.

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