JZO dabbles in adire for fifth collection, ‘V’

To be honest, it was only a matter of time before premium menswear brand JZO fashion finally took the plunge and experimented with adire. For design labels looking to lower price points while keeping their aesthetic and fashion perspectives, adire is the perfect print. Its versatility and definitive style has become part of Nigeria’s fashion ‘aesthetic’ thanks to labels like Orange Culture and especially Maki Oh.

JZO fashion has experimented with modernising traditional Nigerian fabric and prints, as evinced by its many forays using aso oke in modern contexts (suits, blazers and coats). While those pieces were aesthetically and critically successful, aso oke is incredibly heavy and has very little stretch, which makes it impractical for a climate like Nigeria’s. So making the switch to adire (which works best with lightweight cotton) is long, long overdue.

Many of the elements we’ve come to associate with JZO are replicated in this collection; the miniature plugs and lace up embroidery. Ditto JZO’s quirk for placing pockets in unconventional spaces, adherence to simple silhouettes and staples pieces that can easily integrate into a buyer’s wardrobe. But this collection is also JZO’s most accessible, thanks to the switch from heavier, more ceremonial fabrics. We particularly like the contrast shawl lapel blazer and pant combo. It is gorgeous.

Never change, JZO.jzo v 11 jzo v 10 jzo v 9 jzo v 8 jzo v 7 jzo v 6 jzo v 5 jzo v 4 jzo v 3 jzo v 2 JZO

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