#KT2016 Kanyinsola and Timi’s Love Story and Beautiful Wedding

How they met? Kanyinsola narrating; We met 2009 at the university, he was preparing to round up while was rounding up my second year we were in the same service unit (hospitality unit)  I spotted him during one of the service unit meetings and since then I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  We became friends and glued to each other since then.. he asked me out after sometime but I want ready for a relationship even though it felt right with him…i told him to give me some time which he was ready to wait patiently.. I agreed to date him on his graduation ceremony in 2010… and since then till date we’ve been great friends… although looking distance but trust me when I tell you it didn’t change anything… at all…he proposed at the MMA2 in October 2015…i was blown away and now we tying the knot in 2016  which is the best feeling ever.

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What was the best highlight of the wedding day?

The highlight of  the wedding for me was the MC @midecoker  and our first dance.  Loved it . we choose Micheal west (when i say I do)  it was beautiful.

Wedding Ready wedding danceWedding Ready


What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

To every couple to be planning their wedding ceremony…our watch word is God..if you’re a believer hold on to him he is everything to us till date.

Patience and understanding is also very key… be open to change and flexible to new things (both couples)

Planning  the wedding is going to be a relationship test for you… you must not forget it’s a ceremony and the real people that matter are the both of you and the love you profess.. don’t let the euphoria of the ceremony steal away whats important which is you two.. pray plan, and commit to God.

Don’t ever think of going into bankrupt for the wedding… plan something cute according typ your pocket because after that day many won’t really remember what you served or wore..after wedding is way more important.  Also before you start planning…remove a certain amount to be saved somewhere for after the wedding.. don’t rely on cash gifts you may be disappointed.  Be financially wise in spending… Dave where you can … use wedding favours where you can

A wedding planner is also a very good choice if  you can afford it…i didn’t feel so much stress because I had one.

Plan together… don’t allow family course you both… take their ideas don’t argue with them..just take it but you don’t have to use it.

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