Kumasi Fashion Week 16: AHMA is uninteresting

Ghanaian emerging label AHMA’s collection which showcased at the Kumasi Fashion Week 16 is one of the showcases done in collaboration with Da Viva fabrics, the premium print wax manufacturer. With the unique opportunities (and limitations) of having your fabric chosen for you and having other brands to be directly compared to, AHMA’s offering to the showcase was lacklustre.

The label seemed to take the now classic West African traditional wear silhouettes and try to put a twist on them but did not quite succeed. Peplums, asymmetric sleeves and hems and classic silhouettes aside, there just isn’t enough interesting pieces to tide the collection over to interesting territory.

There simply isn’t.

Photo Credit: Chasquido Studios. AHMA (1) AHMA (2) AHMA (3) AHMA (5) AHMA (6) AHMA (7) AHMA (8) AHMA (9) AHMA (10) AHMA (11) AHMA (12) AHMA (13)

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