Ladies this is why you should shave your faces

This post has nothing to do with facial hair, even though the word shaving is in the title. According to some beauty experts ,shaving your face actually has some surprising benefits, apart from getting rid of the fine hairs on it, it’s also a great way to exfoliate.

The supposed  problem with shaving, is that most people think when you do, the hairs on your face end up growing back thicker and faster than before. I’m not sure where people got this idea from and I still haven’t seen anybody quite testify to it, the fact is that shaving doesn’t actually make your hairs grow back thicker or faster.

When shaving your face, the best thing to use is an eyebrow shaper, since the skin of your face is sensitive. If you don’t have one you could use a regular women’s shaving stick. Take your time when doing it, the last thing you want is razor cuts on your face. Do your whole face starting at the top of one ear and down your jawline. You should make sure your face is clean and dry and do it in short strokes.

After shaving, make sure you moisturise and put on some sunscreen if you are going to leave the house. Before you write off this crazy method of exfoliating, you should try it, it might just become your next beauty addiction.

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