Leyi and Bunmi’s beautiful true love story of 8 years and immediate acceptance…

Leyi and Bunmi

It’s the Month of August and we are kick starting the new month with the beautiful love story of Ayoleyi Toluwalase and Oluwabunmi Temiye.

The soon-to-wed lovebirds met 8 years ago and it has been amazing since they started out.

Throwback to 2009


Throwback to 2009
Leyi, the beautiful bride and events planner narrates their story thus:

It’s been 8 wonderful years and we Bless God.

He calls me Smallee  or Popinleyi and I call him Biglee or Bunmzy (Don’t laugh please, Lols).

We met in April 2008 through a mutual friend Lola Adeyemi.  I went with my friend Anita to see Lola Adeyemi at her hostel at Big mans house Ago Iwoye, he was in Lola’s room, they were hostel mates. 

We were all introduced and Bunmi and I just got talking like we’ve met before, we started dating officially on the 25th of April. The rest they say is history.

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the memories you have made along the way…….
Throughout the 8 years we only had a major hiccup in 2013, it was around October it lasted for a month. It was a month but it was just God that brought us back together. 

One thing about our relationship is that we never saw ourselves parting ways. We just knew that we have to stick together, my family especially my eldest sis Olabisi accepted him as our brother, cause we are just 3 girls and I’m the last born. She was the first to know about our relationship and she’s our besty. 

A Girl needs a Man with Real Intentions, not a Boy who can’t Pay Attention and I have just the perfect Man

From the very first time I spoke with my mom in law on the phone she accepted me as her daughter . Cause Bunmi is her first born and an apple of her eyes. I’m my dad’s little angel and besty, when he met with Bunmi he liked him so easily.

Bunmi is easy going and very very responsible and family oriented,my dad saw this in him and just accepted him. Note, my dad never knew he was my boyfriend ooo until after Uni, and he was like hmmm my friend my friend so he’s actually your boyfriend. Anyways you have made me proud by completing your studies. 
Proposal story:
My proposal was funny and I was not expecting to get a ring at all. Last year January we got talking and Bunmi was like we should have our introduction later in the year, then I said August should be fine since my birthday 16th of August falls on a Sunday.

He said that’s fine, in my mind I said Oga ooo no proposal,but then again everyone was just expecting wedding date.

Let’s flip a coin. Heads, I’m yours, Tails, you’re mine
Prince Charming
Fast forward to April 3rd, I went to his place cause I wanted him to take me to Ikeja for my friend’s wedding.  I was on the bridal train. He was staying in Surulere then. I got there and was home alone cause one of his buddy Chux was celebrating his birthday and he had organized a get together.

Bunmi got back around 3:45am and came to wake me up, I was really feeling sleepy and told him not to disturb me cause I’d be having a long day afterwards, but he was like please na let’s gist i won’t take long, then he was like hope you didn’t check my wardrobe, hope you didn’t see anything there?

Then I was like Bunmzy abeg don’t disturb me, do we share same wardrobe?

I love the way I feel when he looks at me…. Like I wanna believe in myself……
The Queen!

The next I noticed was that he started smiling and was like Leyi, Popinus you know we have come a long way and there’s no one that understands and gets me like you do. You’ve always been there to encourage me and blablabla.

Most of my smiles, begin with the idea and thoughts of you…
When he whispers the sweetest things that no one else knows…

Trust me Kemi I was half asleep, it was not until he brought out the most beautiful, lovely 3tones ring that I actually understood what was going on. Then I was like what Bunmi, oh my God. Then he said Marry me Leyi, I laughed so hard cause he was kneeling on the bed, then I asked him to get down and go on his two knees before I take the ring.

With you, every other tomorrow feels more than just another day!!
 Have Looked at you in Hundreds of ways and I have Loved you in Each!!!
Home will be anywhere when I’m holding you!!!

He was like oh my bad, he got on his knees and slipped the ring on my finger. It was really amazing. Trust me I wasn’t expecting Bunmzy to propose in the presence of people, he’s very very reserved and shy.

First of all, introduction!


First of all, introduction!


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