Look Book: Bridget Awosika SS16 is inspired by nature

Bridget Awosika has always presented herself as a global designer, never relying on the African quirks that define other Nigerian designers. In her new collection, she pushes new boundaries while staying true to the edge that cut a clear path for her. This collection is nothing like the last, there is none of the fringe and asymmetry that served as the counter points for her spring 15 collection and none of its edginess.

Instead this collection is softer, almost ethereal even. There is a deliberate femininity in this collection. The dresses are peppered with bows and pleats, used to jazz up bust lines and straps and soften skirt hems. She favors sheer in this collection, reversing the trend of sheer panels for opaque ones. The collection seems to be inspired by nature, Autumn in particular, and fallen leaves. They are the main motif of the collection, and Awosika puts them through their paces, they are calculated appliques over exposed bustline and dip, barely covering the crotch on one of the collection’s gauzy dresses. there are also flowers, only used once, two bright blooms, drooping off green appliqued stalk, their open petals strategically placed where the wearer’s bust should be. The fact that Awosika eschews embroidery for applique is relevant, she wants that 3-Dimensional approach to cuts that her other collections benefit from.

This is best emphasized by this halter blouse and wrap skort ensemble. The halter is made from two of the applique leaves, wrapped.

Bridget Awosika 1 BRidget awosika 2 Bridget Awosika 3 Bridget Awosika 4 Bridget Awosika 5 BRidget Awosika 6 Bridget Awosika 7  Bridget Awosika 10 Bridget Awosika 12Bridget Awosika 8

This is best emphasized by this halter blouse and wrap skort ensemble. The halter is made from two of the applique leaves, draped over each other so casually that you are almost fooled into believing you could merely tug at the tassels holding the blouse up to pull the leaves apart Then the skirt’s 3-Dimensional design at its most succinct.

Bridget Awosika 9

Then there are her evening wear pieces. A two piece wide leg ensemble that takes this season’s recurring bow and exaggerates it, and a pleated chiffon dress with an off-shoulder hem detailed with exaggerated pleats are Awosika’s quiet boast. She might be edgy and boundary breaking, but she can do soft and feminine with the best of them.

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