Lorrita’s Love Bants: It’s All About Love {Valentine’s Special}

Yay!!! Its almost Valentine’s Day and I can smell the love everywhere. Though it’s really disappointing when you ask the question, ‘how would you spend your valentine?’ and most couples reply by giving the flimsy excuse of, ‘oh, i show my lover how much i love them everyday so Valentine’s Day really isn’t special.’

Of course it should be special, no, extra special, because that is the day you not only show your lover how much you appreciate them, but you also should shout it to the world that you love and appreciate them. That is the day lovers are allowed to brag about their partner making them the envy of others.

Love can be expressed in different ways, it mustn’t necessarily be elaborate. It could be expressed as a gesture, as an act of kindness, as a good deed, with words and actions. So, the big question is, how would you spend your Valentine’s?

It has become a trend for the ladies that it is the duty of the man to always celebrate Valentine’s for them. I do not agree with this in anyway, our men also want to feel loved and cherished because they put just as much effort as we do to make the relationship work. So, why shouldn’t we make this day special for them too. Why dont we try this and see just how much it will be appreciated.

Following the same pattern in relationships could be rather interesting at the onset but it just seems to get boring as time goes on. For this valentine, why don’t we try something different and refreshing. If you usually go all out every valentine, then something simple and intimate could be more appreciated and vice versa.

The element of surprise has never failed to sweep anyone off their feet. Surprise your lover by doing something out of the box. Remind them the reasons why they fell in love with you in the first place.

For the married couples, don’t let the kids be an excuse not to do something special for your spouse. No matter how old you are in the marriage, it never gets too old to show your spouse how much they are loved. Explore your creativity and improvise something that will not only make the kids be happy but will make your man feel cherished.

Doing something charitable shouldn’t be a hindrance to making your partner feel loved on valentine’s. Invite them instead to your charity event, let them share that part of your life and see just passionate you are about it. At the end of the day, you both could still make the day count by doing something interesting.

So, let us make love, feel the love and share the love.

Happy valentine’s day.


Everything beautiful.

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