Lorrita’s Love Bants: The Power Of Sex

Sex, sex,sex! One really can’t say enough about it. Sex wields the power to create and nurture love, it wields the power of betrayal, infidelity, passion, anguish and sometimes happiness.

Sex is the reason why some women stay with cheating and violent men. It is also the reason why those who engage in it as a profession seem to grab the potential men meanwhile a well reserved lady is left single and lonely.

So how do we harness this power?

The first trick to having a great sex is in knowing your body. You should know your sensitive spots and know when or not you are in the mood to have sex.

You should also study your partner’s body, know their secret code and use it to your benefit.

Sex should be verbal. It’s really irritating when one is having sex and your partner is just mute with no reaction. You really need to lead your partner to where and how you like to be touched. Tell them just when they are doing a good job and how much you are enjoying it. It not only makes them proud, but hearing how you express your pleasure turns them on a little bit more. Hence, the intensity and passion increases.

It is said that variety is the spice of life. This is an important key to great sex, you have to explore your creativity. Sex must not necessarily always be in the bedroom, it can be in the kitchen, dining table, shower, couch, it could be anywhere with a surface.

Alternate different sexual positions, explore your oral skills. Try something kinky and challenging. This makes your partner to never get bored and keep coming back for more.

Build your sexual stamina. This goes both ways, some women feels that it’s only the man that needs to last long, but that’s not true. The same way we want our men have longer duration during sex is also the same way they expect us not to complain of being tired. So, explore your limits.

Cuddling after sex is important, it gives room for discussion. It helps partner enquire about how good their performance was and also allows them make mental notes on how to surpass their last performance.

Sex isn’t an examination that everyone one should be so serious. It is also not a duty, the minute your partner starts feeling as if having sex with you it’s their duty, then the fun and excitement associating sex is lost.

So, let out your freak and enjoy sex.


Everything beautiful.

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