Lorrita’s Love Bants: 5 Reasons You Should Say ‘I do’

Hi guys! So, last week i discussed the reasons one shouldn’t say ‘i do’.

Well, it wouldn’t be balanced if i didn’t give you some reasons to look out for before taking that bold step.

So here are a few tips:

  • Spirituality; very few people actually put this into consideration, most especially www. Oh well, this is indeed a key role when considering taking that bold step. No matter how civilized or modernized we tend to evolve, the one thing that would never go out of fashion is ‘GOD’ without his blessings we are just wasting our time. So, if your partner’s spirituality is on point then you can take that bold step.
  • Compatibility; this is a necessity, you and your partner has to be compatible in every aspect of the relationship. You should be able to know each other to the point that you can communicate non-verbally and still understand what the other person is trying to say. If you have gotten to this point, then i think you are good to go.
  • Sexualise; this is very sensitive point but also one of the primary role when it comes to making that big decision. Let me make it very clear that i don’t disregard the fact that sex before marriage is rather important as well as the virtue of virginity. But let’s face it, even teenagers has started to tasted the ‘forbidden fruit‘ talk more of an adult. There is a saying that ‘there is no problem that isn’t solved in the bedroom ‘. With regards to that, you are suppose to know every inch of your partner’s body, you should know what makes them tick, whether they satisfy your needs, how they treat you in bed and so on. The truth is that i can’t begin to elaborate on the importance of sex ( maybe i will make it a topic instead). So, if your partner has passed all the assessment in this department then you are also good to go.
  • Being selfish and selfless; this is kind of tricky, but it goes hand in hand, you are suppose to feel a certain amount of selfishness towards your partner, you should always want to be with them, talk to them and also expect them to feel the same way too. On the other hand, you have to be selfless because you wldnt want them to feel smothered by you. Whenever you feel this then you know that you love him/her enough to take it to the next level.
  • Jealousy; it may sound weird but yes, you should feel a pang of jealousy when it comes to some kind of affairs your partner may have, it isn’t necessary about the opposite sex. You could feel jealous about the way they adore their parents, siblings, car, shoes, it really could be anything. You are suppose to feel a certain amount of jealousy towards your partner, not the crazy psychotic kind of jealousy but just enough show that you don’t want to loose them.

Generally, if you haven’t been asked “what in the world do you see in him/her?” Then you probably are not ready for that next step, because you are suppose to be seeing something different in your partner that the rest of the world isn’t seeing.

Feel free to interact with me anytime, until next time…Namaste.



Everything beautiful.

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