Lorrita’s Love Bants: The Independent Woman

It’s really sad when i look at our today’s women and see just how low we have degraded ourselves or been degraded by people. Being a woman should signify strength, dignity, compassion, charisma and so much more. But lately, the reverse has been the case with our generation. So, here are a few tips on how to be an independent woman.

To be an independent woman, you should have confidence in yourself and believe that there isn’t anything that you cannot achieve. Believe in yourself and everyone will believe you.

An independent woman is a strong woman, not necessarily physical strength, but mainly mental and emotional strength. You shouldn’t be easily manipulated or persuaded when it comes to making decisions.

She must be financially stable, she doesn’t feel right depending on others, she always finds a way to make her earnings through honest means. No matter how little she earns, it makes her feel good about herself.

She is a compassionate woman that can be easily hurt. She deals with heart break by shedding a few tears for a while and bouncing back to her old self, knowing that there is always someone better coming along.

She never does anything to please anyone but her, she looks good because she feels good, she looks sexy because she feels sexy, but never for someone else’s pleasure.

She admits when she wrong and apologise for her mistakes. She also gives respect as well as demand respect.

She is passionate about everything she does as well as the people she is involved with. She lives life with intensity.

She is kind, loving, caring and most of all, she protects her dignity.

Ladies, we can’t even begin to imagine just how strong we are and just how much we can endure whatever life throws at us until we begin to explore our inner strength. Let’s bring back our virtue and dignity because these are the only possession we have that is priceless.

Until next week… cheers.


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