Love from the beginning: Chidinma and Chuka’s wedding story

Chidinma and Chuka have got such an amazing love story!

Even from the first day they met it was an instant connection at the airport – he stared, she gave him the go-ahead, and he cracked a hilarious pick up line that broke the ice. He postponed his flight just so he could spend more time getting to know her, and it paid off. Down the line, Dr. Chuka used his humour again, this time to convince Chidinma a long-distance relationship would work, and it did.

Then on their first New Year’s in the same city, he popped the question.

How We Met
From the Bride, Chidinma

I noticed this very cute guy walking around and looking at me like he wanted to say something so I helped him out by smiling at him. He then walked up to me and said “I’m digging you like a grave”, then we both burst out laughing hysterically.

We introduced ourselves and found out we were both Nigerians and Igbo. Chuka moved his flight so he could keep me company for my 2 hour layover. He cracked me up with his funny stories till it was time for me to board. We exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch until I went back to England.

The time difference and long distance plus my Uni and his work didn’t make time for frequent visits and calls so we kinda grew apart. In 2010, I got a Facebook message from Dr Imo out of the blue!!!! It read: “Fine girl, there is a vacancy here! Let’s make this work nah pleeeeease. Abi na until I carry stick you go sabi say I wan chase you.” LOL!….I thought to myself, What a goofball, but it made me smile!!! We then talked via phone and Skype many times over coming weeks.


I was going to the States for summer vacation later that year , so we took out time to hang out. We saw each other frequently for the next 3 months and started a beautiful relationship. I met my perfect match. He is everything I prayed for and more; handsome, funny, caring, loving, considerate, I can go on and on and on……We remained in a long distance relationship and visited each other regularly and this time dedicated to making it work.

From the Bride, Chidinma
December 2013 arrived and I took a trip to Atlanta to spend the New Year with Chuka. As soon as I landed on the 29th, he told me we were going on a road trip to Orlando, Florida the next day with his friend and his friend’s wife. I insisted I wasn’t going because I was jetlagged, it was the first time we would be spending New Years in the same city together and I wanted it to be just Chuka and I.  He got his friend and my sister to convince me so we set out to Florida the next day.Chuka arranged for a candle light dinner on New Year’s Eve. The waitress brought out a cake with my pretty ring on it at exactly midnight. Chuka got on one knee and popped the question with beautiful fireworks in the sky ushering in the new year. It was the perfect New Years’s gift – I was engaged to my best friend!

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