A love story and first photos from Chinazo & Jay’s wedding

We are pleased to share these pictures of this beautiful couple, Chinazo & Jay.

The story below as told by the bride,


When the Lord has defined your destiny, nothing can change it, not even a mutiny.

On 31st December 2014, I sat all alone to appraise my life. One of the OPEN ITEMS glaringly stared me in the face; it was one area of my life that was hanging.  I had imagined my year would end on a high and that I would have settled down to a new phase of life, but it did not look possible anymore as I did not have a partner. I was not even in a relationship and yet I needed to settle down as a responsible young man. It therefore became the first item in my 2015 agenda and the number one prayer request!

On 5th January 2015, I decided to actualize one of my new-year resolutions; to reconnect with old friends. One of those I called was Vera Uzuh. In the course of our long gist I opened my book of Lamentations and expressed my displeasure and unhappiness at the fact that I was single in the garden city of PH. She calmed me down, encouraged me and casually said, ‘‘my sister even lives in Port Harcourt sef.’’ As a sharp guy, my ears sprang like antennas and the gist even became more interesting. I asked her to hook me up, if for nothing else, to have a new friend in PH…after all anything could happen. She agreed to first confirm if her sister would be willing to meet me. I was so excited that I even forgot to ask for her name. I waited patiently for 24 hours for Vera’s response and when it was not forthcoming, I decided to take the bull by the horn and so I logged onto Facebook to search for Uzuh. Too many people came up and I got confused about which of them would be Vera’s sister. In my ambition and hoping against hope, I ended up adding Chinazo Uzuh and Frances Victoria Uzuh as they were Vera’s Facebook friends. I knew somehow that I would hit the target and one of them would definitely be her sister.

Indeed I hit the jackpot! LOL. On 7th January 2015, I logged onto my Facebook account and voila! they had both accepted my request but the mystery was not yet solved. I checked the profiles of both and discovered that Frances attended NAU and I was dead sure that Vera’s sister did not attend my school otherwise she would have mentioned it a long time ago. So using elimination method, I decided to start a chat with Chinazo. There was a strong connection and so we continued chatting until 29th January when she returned from work. Of course I went to see her the very same day at her humble abode where she made me feel really comfy. It was on this day that I felt a tingle in me that she could be my last bus stop in bachelorhood…and now that’s reality!


First of all…he proposed to me in a hospital!! LOL. On the 15th of December 2015, I received a phone call from a friend of mine (Tairat) inviting me for a discounted Christmas dinner with her bf the next day. She asked me to come with Jay as it was supposed to be a romantic couple date. It was nothing out of the ordinary as we had recently been on a lot of outings so I told him and he agreed.

The next morning, Jay called to inform me that his boss had fixed a very important meeting for 6pm. I was burnt because I had taken my time to organize myself and all…I wanted to cancel but he promised to meet us halfway and I didn’t want to disappoint Tairat. I got to the venue at about 6.30pm and to my greatest surprise, I saw 3 of my colleagues at the car park! I asked them why they were there and they told me they had also come because of the discount. I believed without hesitation knowing Nigerians and their osho free nature. LOL! As we walked in, I saw 2 more colleagues already seated but I bought the discount story so well that I still didn’t suspect anything. I was rather more concerned about how they had barged in on our supposed romantic dinner. Nevertheless, we all sat together and set the ball rolling by placing our orders, taking photographs and making silly videos.


A few minutes into the excitement, I received a call from Jay’s friend (Obinna) who told me that Jay had slumped at work and was rushed to the hospital. I immediately informed my friends and they all agreed to follow me to the hospital. I felt bad as we left the restaurant because we had placed orders. But Jay was more important to me…(smiles).

On getting to the hospital, the nurses really placed me on high jump. They made us wait our nerves out. I was slowly losing my mind trying to figure out the incident because he had a fantastic health history. Finally, just 3 of us were given access to see him in his ward.

As I opened the door, I saw my Jay lying helplessly on the bed with an IV infusion and an oxygen mask over his nose. I broke down in tears and walked quietly to sit by his bedside. A while later, his friend asked me to get some chewing gum for him from Jay’s jacket pocket. In my mind I was like, seriously…gum?? I reached out for the jacket hanging in the wardrobe and searched for it but I couldn’t find anything. He insisted that it was there and asked me to check carefully. At this point I was ready to snap at him and just as I turned to do so, Jay was already on his knees…The rest is history!!!”

Photography: Creative studios ng

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