Makioba Couture, H.O.P.E Fashion, Bunmi 1 and Trish O Couture- New Fashion Forwards

Last weekend’s edition of Vanguard Allure showcased the talent of four designers. Makioba Olugbile of Makioba Couture, Kiki Okewale of H.O.P.E Fashion, Bunmi Olatunji of Bunmi 1 and Patricia Onumonu of Trish O Couture.

They are what we would like to categorise as the new age designers to look out for as they make a stunning appearance on the cover of Vanguard Allure‘s latest Fashion Issue.

It is all about being visible and making good business from a thriving passion and these ladies speak to the newspaper about sustenance.  remaining relevant in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Kiki Okewale who established House of Plush Exclusive three years ago and Kiki Okewale Couture last year speaks of her inspiration behind creating both custom-made shoes and bags. “Over the years, I took time to study people and how they feel when wearing outfits. Our designs are a projection of how you want to be addressed and how you want to feel. When you are wearing statement pieces, your confidence is just on another level. I let that push me to create our pieces. I am inspired by a lot of things and I do a lot of research as well. I like pushing myself and trying hard and unconventional designs.”

Makioba Olugbile who established her self-named brand in 2013 creates exquisite couture and ready-to-wear creations with the curvy woman in mind. “Well, I am plus-size myself so it made sense. I really was just designing and creating and I felt that what I was creating wasn’t being well-represented on traditional mannequins,” she tells Vanguard Allure. “So I began using myself as the muse and with time, began attracting a following within the plus-sized community. I then discovered that there was a gap in the market for plus size women that needed to be filled.”

Bunmi Olatunji is still reeling from winning the winning the City People Fashion Brand of The Year Award. “I am definitely fascinated by a lot happening in fashion both in Nigeria and around the World. I admire the way we can feel free to play with colours, and not have to do the matching trend. I did not think the day would come when we did not have to match a blue dress with the same colour shoes but, here we are,” she says. “One lesson I have definitely learnt as an Entrepreneur is, you have to remember you are running a business too if you don’t remember, no one will tell you. Take your business seriously, be professional and remember that though it is a passion, it is also a Job.”

Patricia Onumonu has made a name for herself with Trish O Couture. With years of experience in the fashion industry and awards on display, Patricia has taken it a step further adding luxury furnishings to her line. She opened two outlets in Victoria Island and Ikoyi. “I started with fashion, for which I have always had a love for, and I have extended to the next thing I love so much- having a beautiful, signature, stand out home. I believe the furniture and the furnishings in a home can make or mar that home. What inspired it, is because I love to help make a home standout. So I have only invested in what I love.”

Check out the ladies in the current issue of Vanguard Allure.

Creative Director: @NellyMesik
Photography: @Trans4mazfotography
Makeup: For Makioba: @GlambyAleeza
For Trish O: @debbysez
For H.O.P.E and Bunmi: @peacePolycarp
Hair: Ifeanyi for @Indulgence_hairaffairs

Makioba Couture, H.O.P.E Fashion, Bunmi 1 and Trish O Couture

Kiki Okewale
Makioba Olugbile
Bunmi Olatunji
Patricia Onumonu
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