7 ways Maps Maponyane’s style makes us all warm inside

Maps Maponyane is a South African day dream. Actor, presenter and model, Maps is a multi-talented thespian who isn’t afraid to let his nerd flag fly, (who can argue with a man who looks good in a pair of glasses?)

We first found out about him when we heard he was the lead in the film ‘Tell Me Sweet Something’  written and directed by Nigerian film maker Akin Omotoso. After this first taste, we just had to find out more about him.

In the film, Maps plays a model disillusioned with the casual racism and microaggression that comes with being a model. Talk about art imitating life. Not satisfied by this, we raided his Instagram to sate our Maps crush and these are our favourite things.

🚁 #UpInTheAir #Flying #High #TsogoRoulette

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He looks great in a panama. Do you know how hard it is to find a man in glasses who can make a panama hat work for him? Do you? Well, now you do. (We’re not going to talk about the fact that he’s in a frigging helicopter, Hey cap’n!)

Anatomy SPCC x Our Legacy x Loriblu x TF #OOTD #Black #ModernMaps #Vsco #VscoCam

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He looks great in street wear. Even in a pair of jeans, a street jacket and white shirt, Maps still looks like a leading man. Plus he makes all blue look good. All we need now is a dirt bike and a long road that leads nowhere and we’re set for the adventure of a lifetime.


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The king of cool y’all. He takes the dressed down white formal shirt trend and kills it. He’s literally glowing, like our imagined future with him. Like wow!

Miami Heat 😎🌊🏊🏾

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He isn’t just another stick thin model. Maps got curves, in the triceps and pectoral regions and he fills out a shirt really good, and looks great without one and… Ummm, where were we? Oh yeah, (he’s so cute wearing glasses into the ocean).


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He’s a hipster…

Special mention to these little ones for all the joy 😅

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Who’s great with children (be still o fluttering heart).

Hey Maps…

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