Mark your calendars: JZO is having a pop-up party to debut its new collection.

The good folks behind JZO, the Nigerian Neo-traditional menswear line, have largely opted to stay out of public circles since their label launched in late 2014, preferring instead to focus on retail, merchandising and manufacturing. In an industry where many labels get by solely on the popularity of their creative directors and brand managers, this was a calculated gamble, but one that ultimately paid off. JZO has become increasingly successful over the last few seasons, simply on the merit of their work.

But following the launch of their fifth collection ‘V’ just in time for the rains, they’re stepping out of the shadows and giving this collection a proper introduction with a Pop-Up Party at Stranger Lagos, one of their main third party retailers (they also stock with Closet Six in Kaduna, Shop MeiDei in Lekki and Zazaii in V.I).

There are a lot of firsts here. This will be the first time JZO is having a physical event, as the bulk of their PR has been digital. It will also be the first time many get to physically interact with the duo behind the brand. This is also the closest the brand has come to a runway show or presentation. This might be a one-off or the start of JZO changing its business and PR model.

Either way, you should be there, this Saturday.

We will.


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