For The Gents: Men’s Wedding Bands By Tungsten

A wedding band is a jewelry that is supposed to last for long time. If you are looking for a wedding band that combines visual appeal and strength, then one made of Tungsten would be the right choice. This kind of band has lustrous property that allows you to glorify your personality, when the jewelry is subjected to the dazzling light.

Wedding Bands Made of Tungsten Are Durable

When you purchase a wedding band made of gold, silver or platinum, you would definitely not like to wear it most of the time, as the jewelry is pricey. You have fear of tarnishing the same.

However, Tungsten wedding bands are robust as compared to other precious metals like gold, etc. A tungsten wedding band can withstand any adverse weather condition or workplace situation.

Look At These Examples

It may happen that you are employed in a heavy engineering workshop. Most of the time, you have to work with grinding wheel. When you grind a metal or a frame against the grinding wheel, the friction produces flares. If you wear a golden band, the flares would land on your band on result in tarnishing. On the other hand, the band made of Tungsten would not develop burnt appearance.

There are situations, where are exposed to acidic environment. It may happen that you are working at a steel rolling mill. Your job responsibility includes pickling activities. Under this situation, bands made of gold would develop tarnished marks. However, the jewelry made of Tungsten can still maintain its shine under this kind of harsh situation.

Tungsten Wedding Band is Hard

You may be working in a situation, where you have to perform hammering activities. For your convenience, you may take out your band and keep it aside. If you deliver a wrong blow, the band would bend if it is made of gold or silver. However, the band made of Tungsten is capable enough to withstand that pressure.

Tungsten Wedding Bands are Cheap

Tungsten wedding bands are cheaper than bands made of gold or silver. The main constituent of Tungsten band is Tungsten Carbide. This compound is available in powdered form. It can be easily mixed with metals like nickel or cobalt in order to attain the perfect shine. This kind of combination also makes the jewelry lighter for use. It has been found that wedding bands containing nickel and tungsten carbide are approximately three times cheaper than those made of gold.

In terms of maintenance, caring of Tungsten wedding bands is cheaper than jewelries made of gold, silver, etc. The best way to clean the Tungsten band is applying mild dish soap and water and then wiping it with clean cloth. While the jewelries made of other materials may have to undergo repetitive cleansing and other costly treatments.

Tungsten Wedding Bands are Available in Various Styles

Tungsten wedding bands are available in a wide range of designs and styles. These jewelries feature step-edge, domed, beveled edge or pipe cut design. As per your preferences marvelous designs can be crafted with a variety of finishes including brushed, polished, plated, etc.

In addition to the variety of finishes, you can opt for laser engraved designs like cross, Celtic patterns grooved, and channel cut designs and a variety of inlay materials.

Wedding bands made of Tungsten are hardy in nature. These jewelries can be used in adverse weather conditions. This kind of jewelry can be worn in situations where there are maximum chances of wear and tear. The jewelries are resistant to development of scratches. Apart from being durable, Tungsten is difficult to tarnish. Therefore, the jewelries look elegant.


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