EXCLUSIVE: Metrogypsie’s Guide to Instagraming like a Pro

Don’t get it twisted please (I’m actually pleading), I am not a public figure on Instagram yet, neither am I the most successful on there…come to think of it I don’t even have up to 15,000 followers yet and not all my posts get over 3 comments.

Still, I can’t ignore the fact that my blog’s page (@metrogypsie) was opened a year after my personal page (@jaunelion) and has grown bigger than the latter in just over one year (well obviously, it was built for business).

Here are some of my tips to growing your brand’s page instagram.


  1. Quality


I cannot emphasize this enough hence making it my #1 tip. Always ensure your photos are clear and sharp. It makes your page look fresh and serious. Usually, when I notice an account that frequently likes and comments on my photos and I consider following them, if their pictures are unclear and grainy, I do not bother.


If you have a camera, please take your pictures with that. Apps like Drop box, Image transfer (iOS & android) and iPhoto (macbook) can be used to transfer photos to your phone easily.

You can also use apps like VSCO and Snapseed They are very good to give your photos a certain feel…dreamy, throwback, black/white etc. Beauty plus is quite a popular one people use but its really deceitful. That’s for magic as it basically clears your spots and applies make-up at the same time .

Those IG editors (not filters) are amazing. My favs are the Brightness, Shadow and Sharpness.

Square Ready is a great app for resizing your photos. You know those ones that Instagram never fits into its box fully.

Lastly, an app like WordSwag can enable write unique quotes/words on your pictures.




  1. Learn your Flat lay


As a Style blogger, this is a nice way to present items in an orderly manner. It can also be used to highlight a certain item or even advertise.

@Fashitect is such a pro at this. He does PR for really huge brands and he is extremely creative with his flat-lays.



  1. Focused Content


You should stay on your lane, content wise.  Okay well, you can stray if its a personal account, but if its business, try and be focused.

One cannot be a food-based account, posting recipe, food pictures et al and then start posting gadgets, Apps, Tech stuff and then Fashion another day. Acting like this wouldn’t get you loyal followers.

Once people think of a certain topic, their minds should be drawn to your page if that’s your area. Being focused ensures this. Also it’s easy for followers to give you feedback.




  1. Separate accounts if possible


Have a personal and business account if need be. No point mixing up your personal life with the business page. Obviously once in a while, that could happen, but separating them will make you act a bit more professionally on the business one and also monitor your progress.



  1. Consistency


Please post daily. In fact post photos/videos a minimum 3 to 4 times a day if you can afford to.

It’s difficult to get a follow back when your last post was 5weeks ago, really, what’s the point?

You are also taken more seriously when there is some consistency and you also get to understand your brand better.



  1. Use hashtags (at least 5)


Always use hashtags on your photos so that similar accounts or people searching can find you. You also get more likes with hashtags due to the fact that interested accounts found your picture.

Please let your hashtags relate to the picture or your page. It comes off as really desperate when you use for example, #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians as a hashtag on a post with your laundromat.

Unique hashtags to your brand also help you find your pictures after a long time. Create one.




  1. Post in the time-zone of your audience


This is absolutely crucial. Even when in a country with a completely different time-zone, always post your stuff according to the time zone of your target audience & followers. If not you’d be posting whilst they are asleep.



  1. Engage with your followers


Comment section banter. Answer questions. Say thank you. Make jokes, be fun.

Respond to comments when you can except you are so popular that it’s impossible. You can always respond to one or two comments anyways.


Check out your loyal followers’ pages once in a while, like their photos as well. Your like cannot be that important not to show appreciation with.



  1. Tag Accounts to your photos


I mean related people or accounts please. Keep it relevant so as not to irritate public figures, companies or account holders in general.


  1. Always credit photographers or photo owners


If you are posting a photo not taken by you or gotten from another account, please credit them.

Properly too (on the caption) not just by tagging them, its not your photo. It’s actually some people’s jobs to take photos or even edit them the way they did before you grabbed it.



  1. Manage your landing page keep it neat


Your details; name, email, tagline, write them neatly and concisely.

Also your URL should be shortened if possible.



  1. Don’t buy followers


It’s embarrassing. We all know less than a quarter of most people’s followers actually like photos but its weird when an account has 50K followers and like 46 likes. That’s crazy weird.



  1. Scheduling IG posts


If you are such a busy bee to keep up with frequency, apps like TakeOff and Latergramme can be used in iOS, Andriod and Google phones. It alerts you via notifications to post.




  1. Host giveaways, request feedback


Just to say thanks to your followers, garner new ones and relate with a different brand and their audience during collaborative giveaways.


Some of the apps mentioned..


Watch the exclusive video below.


Article by

Stephanie Okafor


‘metrogypsie’ on YouTube


Everything beautiful.

  1. I actually enjoyed reading this guide on instagraming like a PRO.

    Didn’t appreciate that one could connect a Nikon directly to an iphone and skip the whole laptop step. Thanks for sharing this METROGYPSIE

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