Midis, minis and maxis: How to style your favourite skirts

Skirts are our all time favourite style trend because of how versatile and flattering they are. No matter what your taste in fashion might be, there’s a skirt for you. So from midis to minis and maxis, here’s how to style your favourite skirts.


Midi skirts can easily look rather unflattering and dowdy when not styled properly. To avoid this, choose bright and bold colours and statement prints, or something with extra detail like a wrap front or a slit.


Minis are great for showing of your legs, but you need to make sure you are not showing too much, and this depends on what occasion you are wearing it for. If it’s for a party then you can go as high up as you want, otherwise stick to just about mid-thigh. Play with styles and cuts, mini skirts don’t all have to be gum body like Nollywood made us believe; there are circle, a-line, straight and a couple of other cuts to play around with.


Like with midis, you want to go for trendy and not dowdy when styling. Play with patterns and prints, pair with crop tops for a fun look and the classic button down white shirt for a more classic look.


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