Myth or fact: Will palm oil give you natural pink lips?

When I was in secondary school I had two friends who had dark lips, but were constantly searching for ways to naturally make them pinker . For some reason at that time -and I think even till now,- having pink lips was one of the staples of being beautiful or good looking. Thankfully they had the good sense, not to go looking in places like Ikeja under-bridge, where they promise you a quick, cheap and painless fix to almost any beauty problem you can think of.


One day, one of them came up with a solution, apparently according to her aunt, the safest and most effective way to achieve a permanent pink lipped look was to rub palm oil on her lips daily for a couple of months. We were in our last year when my friend came up with this solution, and we didn’t have enough time left together for me to see if it actually worked. I have since lost touch with the both of them, but I have always been curious, does it actually work?

I asked around a bit, about it and apparently while the use of palm oil for pink lips was actually quite a common trend, I couldn’t seem to get my hands on anyone whom it had actually worked for. Some people claimed to have witnessed it work for siblings and relations, but I couldn’t get any firsthand accounts.

So what do you guys think -or know-, using palm oil to make your lips pink or pinker, is it a fact or myth? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.


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