3 new fashion panels just got added to Social Media Week

It is less than 20 days to Social Media Week Lagos and as last minute changes happen to the schedule, new opportunities avail themselves to us. So we’ve rounded out the list of must-attend panels and events if you’re a fashion or lifestyle nut like us.

Commercializing Creativity: Social media for beauty, fashion or lifestyle business.

Hosted by Isoken Ogiemwonyi of fashion retailer Zazaii (you should check out their store, its a beaut), and design label Obsidian, Commercializing Creativity tries to show us how to walk that terrifying tight rope between doing what you love and getting paid for it. Commercializing creativity is a pit in which many talented people have sunk or worse gone entirely commercial. Ogiemwonyi proposes an alternative way, social media. It’s already a part of our lives, and a part of our businesses. Why not use it smartly then? With a populated guest list and the promise of a live demonstration, this promises to be one hell of a panel. So RSVP, guys, don’t get caught sleeping on a bicycle.

VLOGGING 101: Lights! Camera! Action!

Social Media Week

With Ngozi Nkwoji of the hilarious and highly popular Ngee’s Show, popular Youtube Beauty Blogger Stella-Maris Ikelionwu of Stella’s Addiction on the panel, this panel about how to break into the vlogging phenomenon is a must attend for every blogger looking to cross platforms. With timely information about what channels to vlog on, how to create your niche and other quality related issues, it’s great for amateur vloggers and a refresher for the veterans. So RSVP here.

Story telling on the first screen: How brands can use mobile to connect with consumers.

This panel might seem a little off on a fashion site, but we are here as much for the designers and industry professionals as we are for our consumers. And this panel in particular affects us all, as we are all social media users and consumers. Teaching brands how to connect with us more effectively will help us discern which brands we want to invest our time and attention in, and we have very little of either, given our current economic crisis. According to the organizers of this panel…

“With more than 148 million active lines in a country with about 94 million adults, the ubiquity of the mobile phone is not in question. Add to that over 97 million mobile internet subscriptions and Milward Brown’s finding that Nigerians spend 193 minutes a day on their Smartphone (47% more than they spend watching TV), and it becomes clear that mobile has become the first screen.

Instinctively, we understand the mobile phone can be a powerful way to reach people. It’s the first thing we check in the morning, the last thing we see before we go to bed. It’s the one thing that is with us throughout the day. The challenge is that mobile is not monolithic. Unlike TV, there are sometimes overwhelming number of ways to reach a mobile phone screen. The challenge is to understand the best way for your particular audience.”

Amazing numbers. I want to know what else the organizers, Black Box, have to share with us, so RSVP, ‘cos we will.


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