Stop wearing your red lipstick everyday

Admit it, you use your red lipstick more than any other colour you have in your makeup bag. You wear it to work, to school, to church, for parties, the list goes on and on. I really shouldn’t judge you though, red lipstick is the one makeup item that stays true to you when all else fails.

But you should know that you don’t have to put on red lipstick everyday. Now is the time to stop buying five tubes of red lipstick- in (very) slightly varying shades at a go,- and invest in other colours.

Here are 5 other lipstick looks that present a perfect substitute for the red lipped look.

  • Soft pink colours.

Soft pink colours give you a young fresh look. Ever noticed that you tend to look a little older with red lipstick? We are absolutely in love with this shade.

images (6)

  • Flesh toned/Nude.

Finding flesh toned lipsticks for us black ladies can be hard, but it’s worth it.


  • Brown.

Brown lipstick is back from the 90s and we are totally here for it. Love or hate Kylie Jenner, her lip kit bangs and has a beautiful brown shade that actually looks good on us.

images (8)

  • Frosted

Another 90s comeback people are getting into slowly and cautiously because it’s so easy to go wrong in. Unlike the 90s, the new Frosted has a more natural look and application is easy. Yes we know it looks just like lip gloss, but it is more lustrous and looks better in selfies.


  • Peach

This is sort of a spin-off of the orange lipstick trend (which we hated by the way.) Peach is better looking and won’t clash with your outfit. Peach lipsticks come in quite a variety of shades. Once you find the shade that suits you, it’ll probably replace all your red lipstick.

images (11)

Meanwhile hope we’ve all left the oddly coloured lipsticks like black and blue in 2015.

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