Here is one excuse to stock up on more red wine

As if you really need one more excuse to be drinking.

However if you are already a wine lover, we do have a great excuse for you to stock up on even more bottles of wine. Red wine doubles as a great facial mask ingredient to clear up your acne.

Scientific research -and I promise I’m not making this up,- has proven that red wine not only lowers your cholesterol, protects your heart and prevents cancer, it could also give you beautiful glowing skin. According to the Einsteins and Newtons of this subject, red wine contains a particular antioxidant that slows the bacteria that causes your face to breakout. Not only that, the antioxidant also boosts the effects of benzoyl peroxide, which is the active ingredient in most of our fancy facial products on acne.

We are serious
We are serious.

Wine facials have gained popularity all over the world for their effectiveness on not just acne, but on blemishes and sun burns too. Rumour also has it, that the facials contain some sort of anti ageing properties -maybe that’s Pharrell’s secret.

So the next time you pop open a bottle of red wine to treat yourself, remember to leave some at the bottom of the bottle to treat your skin with too.

Disclaimer: This post does not aim to serve as an encouragement for anyone in an AA programme to buy any form of alcohol, even if it’s not to drink it.

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