Here is one way to cover up a pimple that actually works

Waking up with a fat ass pimple on your face on the morning of an important day -any morning really,- is the most frustrating thing ever.

Naturally we start trying out different methods to get rid of it or cover it up, and most times these methods never quite work out. You either get a bigger mess than the pimple was, or a cover up that looks worse than just baring out the pimple for all to see.

One fool proof way of covering up a pimple, is using eye-shadow primer. I had never seen the usefulness of eye-shadow primers, until I discovered this pimple cover up technique.

Basically this is how it works. You know how hard it always is to make your concealer and foundation stay on and look good, when you have a pimple(s). Especially when it has gotten to that dried out flaky stage that makes you look like you have a skin disease once you put on any makeup.

Before laying your face, dab a bit of your eye-shadow primer on any pimple(s), you have, before putting on your concealer. This way, the concealer goes on smoothly, hiding any redness and most of the swelling of your pimple(s).

N.B – if your pimple is about the size of a boil or larger, this definitely won’t work for you, and you should really get that checked out.


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