We have some good and bad news about periods

Getting your period is literally the worst 5/6 (even 7 sometimes) days of your month, and even though it brings with it the good news that you are not going to be a mummy yet (for single ladies), the cramps and unending flow of blood make you wish you were actually pregnant sometimes.

This post was supposed to be only about all the reasons getting your period isn’t actually all that bad, but instead we came up with even more reasons to hate that time of the month.

  1. When you think your period is finally over, and then the day after your last day it pops back up like.1wTROZC
  2. Or when it comes twice in one month (lay off the morning after pills sis.)
  3. When the pain level of your cramps goes up a notch or two, and it’s not even the weekend so you can’t lay curled up in bed all day.
    So here’s a little fun fact about period cramps that actually helps. Taking pain killers before your period starts actually decreases your cramping, and if they are rather severe and you are sexually active, some hormonal birth control pills actually reduce the pain. Remember not to buy birth control pills over the counter without consulting your doctor.
  4. When your period is heavier than Ijesha waterfalls and you are running through tampons and pads faster than you can change them.
  5. When people breathing around you makes you feel like stabbing them (over and over again), because PMS. But at least you get to use I’m PMSing as an excuse for every bitchy comment you dish out, even the ones that would have come out either way.
  6. When your period skips a month, and you spend the whole month freaking out that you might be pregnant. And even when you know you’ve been good you still believe in the possibility of an immaculate conception (what Catholic school does to you). Well the truth is that almost anything can make you miss your period, from getting a new job to changing your workout routine, so congratulations you are probably not pregnant. But just so you don’t get a little bundle of joy, that you are not ready for in 9 months take a test, actually a couple.
    And then it pops back up the next month like
    And then it pops back up the next month like


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