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With the cost of everything including event halls draining pockets and cutting throats, an outdoor wedding is a great way to pay less or even get a venue for free! There are many other reasons besides cost to have an outdoor wedding though. Your wedding pictures will be absolutely perfect with all that natural lighting; you will have complete freedom to decorate as you please; and everyone will be more relaxed in this setting.

Here are some outdoor wedding ideas to inspire your Nigerian wedding.

1.Garden – A garden can be decorated to reflect a breathtaking fairy tale or Secret Garden theme. An example would be the botanical and zoological gardens in Ibadan. Privately-owned gardens can be used too. The plant/flowers already there work as free props.

2.Beach/waterfront – Nigeria is blessed with a lot of water bodies and a coastline in the south. Beach weddings are whimsical and relaxing, and they tend to be intimate occasions. Find a clean beach and remind your guests to wear comfortable shoes: flats and wedges, or they can even take off their shoes and enjoy the party.

3.Public parks – These are very well-known and used in places like Abuja. Like gardens, they are open to any decor or sitting arrangement you can imagine. It’s also a good idea if there will be children at your wedding. Parks like Jabi Park and Millennium Park are awesome.

4.Rooftop or Terrace – One that easily comes to mind is that of Oriental Hotel Lagos. A rooftop wedding will quickly become a sophisticated, glamorous affair. Just ask and be sure the space is enough for your guests.

5.Local Resorts -There are numerous ones in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. Resorts tend to have a lot of outdoor space for golfing, horse riding, etc so space shouldn’t be a problem. Some examples are La Campagne Tropicana, Eko Tourist Resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch Cross-river.

7.Mansions – If you are lucky enough to live in a mansion or know someone who does, you can get excited because you have your wedding venue. All you need is a decorator to transform the place.

There are other places such as stadiums and hilltops e.g. Olumo rock in ogun state. Whatever you choose, be sure to research all the little details of planning that particular outdoor wedding.

Enjoy your big day!






Written by Sandra N.U.  and was first published on  Sugar Weddings.

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