The pinafore is back to remind us all of those awkward teen years

We never thought we’ll see this day, but the pinafore trend is back, and we can’t say we hate it. Since the pinafore is the staple uniform for many junior schools in secondary schools in Nigeria, we understand that for many it might be an unwelcome reminder of those awkward early teen years, but we promise the trend is nothing like you would imagine it.

Seriously does this remind you of any sort of school uniform. Ok we know it does, but  you have to admit that this is infinitely more adorable.

Image result wey dey for pinafore trend 2016

We love how versatile the trend, allows you to be with it. The layering possibilities are endless and depending on how it’s paired it can be worn almost anywhere. For the most part, the pinafore trend is a casual one but there’s nothing that can’t be dressed up.
Image result wey dey for pinafore trend 2016

What’s your take on the trend, yay or nay? Let us know in the comment section below.

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