Plain old and boring isn’t the same as minimalist style

A good number of people mistake minimalist style to mean plain old and boring. They think to achieve the minimalist look you have to cut out colours completely and stick to simple and boring styles and cuts of clothes. While the aim of minimalist style is to keep the look simple with clean cut lines, you don’t have to do the following to become a minimalist, these just make you boring:

  1. Cut out colour completely. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to contain only black, white and grey. Contrary to popular belief you can wear other colours and still be minimalist. But you definitely shouldn’t be colour blocking with yellow and blue either.
  2. Never play around with new styles and textures, and stick to plain ones. You can experiment with styles and textures, and still keep your look simple and minimal. What you want to do, is make sure your outfits have clean cut lines and are very well tailored.
  3. Never ever accesorize. In reality you can, add a fun touch to your minimal outfits with simple accessories, like a belt at the waist of a dress or with an oversized bag. Your accessories shouldn’t take attention off your main outfit, think simple solid silver pieces for jewelry.
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