Poll: Do you wash new underwear before wearing it?

I asked a couple of friends and a lot of the answers I got were along the lines of “for what?, Is it not new?”

However I did get some “Why the hell won’t you?”answers.

When I asked if they wash all new clothes before wearing them, I got vague “ehn it’s not the same thing” kind of answers.

So apparently, according to them, washing your underwear is a special exception to the rule of not needing to wash new clothes. What I didn’t understand however was why.
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Personally, I have never bothered to wash new underwear before wearing it, and I wasn’t about to start. But I did decide to ask a doctor -ok a medical student, but that’s close enough- about whether I faced any health risks by not washing new underwear before wearing it. And his answer in three words was, yes yes yes.

According to him, he wasn’t even coming from a medical view, just plain old common sense -yeah I know he called me an idiot. He said, our private parts are sensitive, and most of the time underwear being displayed in a store has passed through several -sometimes filthy- hands, and even tried on sometimes.

With people, come germs and with germs come infections. While we can get away with wearing new clothes that haven’t been washed yet, our parts down below are sensitive and easily open to infections. Even though most of us have never bothered to do this, and it clearly hasn’t killed us yet, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


So the next time you go shopping for underwear, throw it in the washer before wearing it.

Doctor’s orders.

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