Poll: Unlimited supply of makeup or clothes?

Last week I was talking with friends, and asked them what they would do if they won a million dollars. I got everything from travelling the world to more practical answers, like buying stock in Apple. Then I asked, if they could only spend the money on either clothes or makeup, which would they pick?

All my beauty blogger/MUA friends went with makeup, while the style bloggers went with clothes, naturally. Other friends whose interests are equally divided between style and beauty went on unending arguments about which was better. As I write this post I still haven’t been able to pick one of the two.


I tried to weigh the pros and cons. If I picked an unlimited supply of clothes, then that meant I could cop every Yeezy Boost created. On the other hand, an unlimited supply of makeup meant I won’t feel so guilty about spending money on high end makeup brands like Lancome and Laura Mercier.


Whether it’s unlimited clothes or unlimited makeup, every true style/beauty lover has fantasized about having one of them.

So what’s yours? Take the poll and leave a comment. You never know where your fairy godmother might be lurking.

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