Beauty tips from 10 year olds that actually make sense

I spent the last weekend assisting my aunt who teaches 10 year olds in a primary school. During a lunch break, my aunt left them in my care and I decided to use the time to retouch my makeup. As I was putting on some lipstick, one of the little girls walked up to me saying, “Aunty that is not how to do it oh, it’s like this. ” She then proceeds to use her fingers to show me the “proper” way to apply lipstick. So I decided to go round the class, asking a couple of the kids what they thought of my makeup and what I should have done differently.

Here is what the kids had to say:

Adeboyin, 10 years old

(Lots of giggling) ”I don’t know. My mummy doesn’t paint her face. Why do you paint your face?”

I told her it is to make me look prettier and she told me it was wrong

Sukanmi, 10 years old

”Umm you should have put the red thing on your lip on your eye too. It does not match with the one there.”

I had on black eye shadow

Adeyosola, 11 years old

*shrugs* ”My sister does it like this too.”

I took that as a sign of approval.

Michael, 9 years old

He hid behind his hand for a full minute before saying “nothing you are pretty.”

Guess who the only kid I bought ice cream for at the end of the day.

Hajarat , 9 years old

”Why did you use black?” (referring to my eyeliner).  ”I would have used purple here” (pointing at one eye) ”and pink here” (at the other eye)

Seyi, 10 years old

”My mummy says I have to be big like her before I can use makeup. You are not big like my mummy. Why are you using it? Does your mummy know?”

Amaka, 11 years old

”I don’t like it”” (I asked why and how I could fix it) ”I don’t know it’s just somehow sha”

In summary I learnt that my eye shadow should always match my lipstick, I should never use black eyeliner, I should also not even use makeup at all and I have to be grown up before I use makeup.

I am going to apply all these useful tips to my beauty routine tomorrow and I might just post how I look.




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