9 reasons we are thankful for the rainy season

Even though we already had the first rain of the year in January, the rainy season didn’t start fully till about June and we got pretty excited.

Love it or hate it, the rainy season lets us wear some pretty cool trends we can’t really rock the rest of the year, even when you just want to spend all of it curled up on your couch.

These are all the reasons we love the rainy season so much.

  1. We get to carry adorable little umbrellas everywhere, even though they are not the most practical and we still end up getting a little wet. (A little rain never killed anybody.)
  2. Sweaters. It is way too hot to wear them through the rest of the year but we love the sweater look and some particularly wet and dreary days just call for them.
  3. We get to show our legs. Jeans and pants and maxis are not practical for the rainy season (especially in Lagos) So we get to bring on the shorts and minis we all love.
  4. We have a legitimate reason to steal our men’s hoodies.
  5. We get to wear crocs everywhere (just kidding.)
    Seriously, don't wear them anywhere.
    Seriously, don’t wear them anywhere.
  6. Our hair doesn’t need to always be perfect. So we can walk into the office with bed hair and give anyone that throws us funny looks the evil stare. Can they not see the rain?
  7. We can wear these pretty cool raincoats.2011_08_terra
    Because what's cooler than batman?
    Because what’s cooler than batman?
  8. We get to wear scarves without people asking us if we just got back (but they will still ask.)
  9. And if you can’t think of any reason to love the rainy season, at least you have to agree that the post rain smell is simply the best.
    There is actually a word for it
    There is actually a word for it
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