Are you female in Nigeria, these style tips will help you avoid rape

Blaming the victim is sadly rampant in rape cases in Nigeria and most parts of the world. A lot of times when a lady is raped, she was either “asking for it” or put herself in a situation where she should have foreseen the possibility of getting raped (because soothsayer).

Growing up, girls are forever bombarded with life and style tips that are supposed to prevent them from getting raped. And even though these tips have shown absolutely no record of ever working, we decided to share them with you because we are pretty sure you can relate with them.

  1. Don’t wear clothes that expose your legs, everything should be covered up from your knees, to thighs to your ankles. Because the sexual appeal of your ankles is really impossible for any reasonable person to resist. Socks come in handy for this so stuck up on socks.
  2. It is rather unreasonable to show any amount of cleavage, that just means you must be begging for it. Buy a bunch of clothes with turtle necks and always wear them. Even though the weather gets up to 50 degrees here, covering your boobs, neck and collarbones is really key.
  3. Make sure your makeup is not too outlandish. Because putting on a certain amount of makeup must mean you are a thot, and thots apparently are the only people allowed to get raped. Your safest bet is swearing off makeup completely.
  4. Your clothes must always hang loosely off your body. It’s not safe to put on clothes that show of the natural contours of your body. So stick to clothes that are at least 2 to 3 sizes over your usual size.
    A sack cloth and ashes should do
    A sack cloth and ashes should do.
  5. Don’t forget your arms. Always cover those up too. Showing off your arms is as dangerous as strutting down the streets naked.
  6. Wear only flat shoes or slippers.

As a side note, for all those who think rape prevention is only a woman’s job guess what? You can help too. Just follow these tips.

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