The real reason why hair trims are so important

For some people getting their hair trimmed is an unnecessary chore, for others they only do it in belief that they’ll suddenly experience some kind of magical hair growth spurt. The truth is, you do need regular hair trims and the reason you need them isn’t because it’ll help your hair grow miraculously or because your hairdresser hates you.


The combination of constant humidity and our natural curl patterns leaves our hair pretty dry most of the time no matter how much we condition or try to keep it moisturized. The result of this, is feathered tips and split ends which might not seem like such a big deal but actually affect the length and health of your hair.

Even if your hair doesn’t seem as prone to dryness despite the weather, split ends are inevitable. Anything from styling tools that need to be heated, to just combing could damage the ends of your hair.

On an average, you should probably get your hair trimmed at least once in two months. You might think you are losing precious hair length each time you go for a trim, but in the long run you’ll only end up with longer healthier hair. Remember to instruct your hairdresser to trim just the tips off, cutting of more than an inch of your hair, isn’t a trim it’s a hair cut.

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