SA Fashion Week 16: Minimalist punk rules at Rogue Wear

A good number of the menswear designers at the 2016 South Africa Fashion Week looked to alternate lifestyles for inspiration, drawing from cultures alien to South Africa’s. An even smaller few looked not into parallel cultures but parallel timelines. Rogue Wear is one of those labels, joining Martelle Ludik who gave us a post-futurist world where chapless pants and bodysuits work on the same outfit. Henni of Rogue Wear contemplates a world where minimalism and punk wear intersect.

With a foundation in traditional bespoke menswear and a degree in fashion from LISOF, Henni seems perfectly suited to try out this union. Using jersey, denim, khaki, tweed and cotton, the label drapes, cuts and layers clean, deconstructed silhouettes. He puts his stamp on the classic oversize tee, streamlining the silhouette and adding a bit of edge with asymmetric hems. Oversized hoodies finish off baggy zip-up sweat shirts and sweaters and vests are detailed with clasp closures.

Wide leg dress pants also make an appearance in the collection, as part of a cache of subversive formal wear that includes translucent dress shirts. Some of it is familiar as this is a trope that many menswear designers have attempted, but Henni makes it all his own, and makes it wearable.

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