Roots by Linan’s Spring 17 ‘The Northern Zebra’ lays in heavy on the monochrome

Capsule collection are a perilous thing to attempt. By deliberately limiting their scope and options (the average collection usually falls at around 20 looks minimum, capsule collection clock out at maximum ten), a designer is forced to actually evaluate what she/he wants to t say with a collection and refine the clothes in the collection to best express this. It is even more interesting when an emerging label decides to debut with a capsule collection, it offers a snapshot into the soul of the label.

Emerging Ghanaian brand Roots by Linan is causing quite the stir with their debut collection, The Northern Zebra. With six looks comprising both menswear and women’s wear, the label shows its obvious up for a good gamble. This is how they they describe their inspiration for the new collection.

Culture meets couture is the design theme with their spirited new collection inspired by the regal zebra. The signature black and white pattern of their soft smock fabric evokes harmony, power and understated elegance. ‘Northern Zebra’ echoes effortless style and is our most personal and passionate collection yet.

The label further constricts itself by choosing a monochromatic palette and on top of that stripes. But they make a good show of this collection. Using the contrasts of light vs dark and inserts with interesting cuts and hems, Roots by Linan crafts a collection that makes us wonder what they’ll be able to achieve with a proper budget and a creative director who knows his onions. The big let down of the collection though was the tailoring. It was atrocious, puffy seams everywhere, ill fitting cuts and uneven construction.

No collection, however brilliant will  survive bad tailoring, everyone should already know that.


Creative Director: Perfectual Linnan Labik
Art Director: Nana K. Duah
Photography: Emmanuel Bobbie (Bob Pixel)
MUA: Afroface_MUA
Muse: Iddi Sherifatu


Roots by Linan 9 Roots by Linan 8 Roots by Linan 7 Roots by Linan 6 Roots by Linan 5 Roots by Linan 4 Roots by Linan 3 Roots by Linan 2 Roots by Linan 1

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