SA Mens Spring 17: Dax Martin brings us sweet distraction with their new collection

For the uninitiated, South Africa Menswear Week can seem a little weird.

Lots of androgynous clothing, and heavy themes that the average African guy can’t exactly incorporate into their wardrobe and doesn’t really understand. But there’s one thing that is universal with all kinds of men, metrosexuals and 21st century cave men alike; undergarments.

Dax Martin

And there’s no one on the continent that understands men’s undergarment needs quite like South African swimwear label, Dax Martin. There are many perks to running a swimwear line. For one you never have to worry about designing for winter, second you don’t have to prescribe to the stick thin aesthetic that many other brands are confined by. And best of all, you’re always encouraged to let loose.

There’s none of the bright almost epileptic colours that distinguished the label’s Spring 16 collection Electric Zulu, the colour this season are more muted, blacks, nautical stripes, browns and blues are the palette the label uses. The collection is also signifcantly sexier than the label’s last collection, a fact that is helped along surely by the army of spartans that take to the runway clad in little else but the label’s skivvies. We’re quite sure all the women who saw the show were quite appreciative.

Dax Martin completes the vibe with summer vests emblazoned with sixties style, tongue-in-cheek Nautical slogans.

Ships Ahoy!


Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

Dax Martin cover Dax Martin 22 Dax Martin 21 Dax Martin 20 Dax Martin 19 Dax Martin 18 Dax Martin 17 Dax Martin 16 Dax Martin 15 Dax Martin 14 Dax martin 13 Dax Martin 12 Dax Martin 11 Dax Martin 10 Dax Martin 9 Dax Martin 8 Dax Martin 7 Dax Martin 6 Dax Martin 5 Dax Martin 4 Dax Martin 3 Dax Martin 2

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