Sammie’s Couture Spring 16 collection gets hit by the sophomore curse

As the fashion industry expands to accommodate the explosion of menswear specific labels, the benchmark for excellence expands with it. It is no longer enough to tailor a good suit, you must also find a way to contemporize it for the demographic that you seek to dress.

We have seen Alessandro Michele at Gucci successfully marry florals and suitmaking, and Hedi Slimane by sheer force of will, usher in the age of the skinny suit. It might seem very unfair to compare these behemoths to emerging menswear label Sammie’s Couture, so we won’t. Instead we will compare the label’s new 2016 collection to its debut 2015 collection.

With an editorial campaign that features a heady mix of singer Ric Hassani, rapper Vector Tha Viper and in-demand model Bolu Olaitan, the label had a truly diverse canvas on which to sell us its ideas for the season. Ideas which basically consists of the extremely played out trend of colour blocked traditional menswear kaftans, and the equally played out trick of ‘jazzing’ up a basic suit by making it in an unconventional print.

Then there is the down right disappointing three piece suit that looks washed out on the model. The only boon we are given in this collection is that the clothes are well tailored, even though the cuts and silhouettes are extremely dated.

Sammie’s Couture 2016 collection is especially disappointing when compared to the label’s 2015 ‘The Gentlemen’s’ collection, which had much far more interesting ideas, reworking Urhobo traditional attire in damask to spectacular results. When compared to the label’s own archive, the fall from grace is farcial.

Instagram: @Sammiescouture

Creative Director: Peters Samuel
Stylist: Thestyleinfidel
Photographer: Emmanuel Onyeleke
Models:Bolu Olaitan,Ric Hassani,VectorThaViper
MakeUp:Phronesys Signature

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