She by Bena’s SS17 is all about layers and monochromatic prints

There is something unique to the Ghanaian fashion industry. It is young enough that it’s new generation of creative directors are willing and ready to define what is Ghanaian and what is beautiful. Labels like She by Bena has always found a way to flatter and embody the curvy Ghanaian woman with it’s silhouettes, eschewing international trends and size zeros for more traditional values.

The new She by Bena collection continues to expand on this with their new collection. Using a palette of monochromatic prints as the touchstone of the collection, they weave a narrative around a Ghanaian woman who is as smart as she is fashionable, unafraid of colour and pattern and willing to try out new things while still maintaining a modicum of modesty. Airtex mesh fabric is paired with ankara, contrasted with bright cotton inserts. There is a lot of layering in the new collection, taking the form of peplums and smocked dresses with open at the back. This layering is also expressed in flap sleeves. Lace and asymmetry are other techniques the label uses to add expressive detail to the collection.

What really sets this collection apart is how the Ankara print inserts are used. By restricting its use to accents and highlight, the label allows it function in the collection without coming off as kitschy and/or dated. It’s no mean feat.

We wish She by Bena would invest in a proper full length collection instead of the capsules they have offered us thus far, we are quite certain that with the quality of execution and the strength of ideas they’ve shown so far, they’re ready for the big leagues.


She by Bena She by Bena She By Bena 2 She By Bena 3 She by Bena 4 She by Bena 5 She by Bena 6 She by Bena 7 She by Bena 8 She by Bena 9 She by Bena 10

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