She got a ring and a car key! Efe and Jude’s fairytale surprise proposal will melt your heart (watch)

Efe popped the question to Jude with a ring AND a car!

The fairy tale surprise proposal was a documentary themed/outdoor proposal.

A day after entering the country, Efe invited Judith for his friend’s all-white birthday party, which she agreed to attend with him. Unknown to her, the birthday party was actually her proposal party. On entering the building, everything had been branded like a birthday party to ease any suspicion and she was led to where the party was in a lobby filled with some friends. A little announcement was made that the celebrant was now committed to a humanitarian cause and would love his friends to contribute in whatever way but in order to understand what it was, they needed to watch the video.

The documentary was played and to Judith surprise it was all about her. The documentary portrayed important details, such as their favorite spot in school as well as the exact location they met. It also featured heartwarming and funny interviews with her nearest and dearest. With an instruction at the end of the videos to follow the lead, Judith was led outside and to her surprise the welcome sign had changed and then she discovered the surprise of her life.

A romantic walkway, gallery on a tree, her favorite mantra designed in a frame, an outdoor dinner, a bouquet of flowers on the walkway, a live vocalist singing for her and her groom waiting earnestly in beautifully decorated aisle with her picture in a large frame and with some of their friends present. It was all soon overwhelming for her and she was completely stoked!But it didn’t just end there. She was showered with gifts one of which was a car! Coincidentally, Efe had bought the car for her through a friend in Canada and had asked the friend to put it in a phone case and give Judith to bring to home. She had been traveling with her own car key all along!






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