Should the bride cover the cost of the bridesmaids’ outfits?

For most people this question is a no brainer, the bridesmaids should obviously cover the cost of their own outfits, after all they are probably friends of the bride and what are friends for? and whatnot.

For others -and this option is not as popular- the bride should cover the costs. It is her wedding anyway and she shouldn’t place an unnecessary financial burden on her friends, especially when she insists on them looking a particular way down to their shoes and hairstyles.

It is always awkward when a close friend asks you to be a bridesmaid when you are in a financially tight spot and you are being asked to cover the cost of your outfit, which must be exactly as the bride has specified. It’s even more awkward when the bride is not even a close friend but asks you to be a bridesmaid, and follows it up with an outrageous bill for an outfit she has picked for you, which you’ll probably never be able to wear anywhere else.

Sometimes people faced with these kind of dilemmas just politely turn down the request because of the wahala involved, but then you do that and you become a bad belle – ‘Is it because God has not done your own?’ ‘Are you not happy for your friend?’

If the person is not a bad belle, then the person must be stingy, ‘Is it not only once your friend gets married?’ But no one remembers you have a ton of other responsibilities and not just one friend.

Everyone understands that pulling off a wedding gets very expensive and asking the bride to add the cost of her bridesmaids outfits to her budget seems unfair. But if you are going to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids and cover the costs of their outfits, you could maybe suggest the colour and particular style you want and leave them to sort it out, instead of ordering bridesmaids dresses from the same store your are getting your wedding gown and expecting them to pick up the tab.

What do you guys think though, who should cover the cost of the bridesmaids outfits, especially where the bride takes care of ordering them and simply sends a bill to the bridesmaids?

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