Should you keep your skin care products in the bathroom?

Keeping your skin care products in your bathroom is a no brainer. I mean where else should they go since your skin care routine is simultaneous with shower time?

But what if storing your products in the bathroom has some kind of adverse effects on them, causing them to lose their efficacy? Some people believe that this happens, due to the constant humidity of your bathroom.

But how true is this?

The truth is that our skin care products are formulated to withstand extreme varying temperatures. This is done to factor in the extreme conditions the products are placed from production, to storage and shipping.

So to answer the question, your products will be perfectly fine being stored in the bathroom. However leaving the bottles and tubes which contain your products open in the bathroom, exposes them to more bacteria than anywhere else and this will affect how effective your product is.

The best storage option for your skin care products are products in tubes and pumps. Unlike those in jars, you don’t have to constantly stick your fingers into the product, preventing bacteria from being introduced into them by your hands. If buying whatever products you use in jars is unavoidable, be sure to put in only clean hands into them and keep tightly sealed after use.

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