Skincare Hacks: 5 Ultimate Summer Minimalist Skincare Essentials

Dealing with packing loads of skincare products all at once and struggling with the difficulty of carrying a heavy bag as a result? Goop’s beauty director, Jean Godfrey in a recent Instagram post, shares the top 5 summer minimalist skincare essentials you will ever need!

They are;


1. SPF

2. Moisturizer

3. Face balm

4. Face wipes &……..

5. A hat!

which though not a skincare product, is a great way to keep the sun from directly hitting on you. Buy products that are suited to your skin to achieve maximum results.

Goop is a lifestyle publication & shop founded by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Q:Dear Jean, I hate bringing heavy bags with me on weekends in the summer. What are the ultimate minimalist's essentials as far as skincare goes? A: @drunkelephantskincare Umbra SPF 30 is pure, moisturizing, and nontoxic––and it works for face and body (plus it looks incredibly chic). @weleda_usa #skinfood is the most all-purpose, fantastic-smelling moisturizer of all time; it too works on face and body. @olioeosso no 2 balm feels amazing and the translucent color brightens up your face instantly, but is so sheer you don't need a mirror to apply, and @ursamajorvt face wipes RULE, especially for travel: they're individually wrapped, packed with gorgeous-smelling, moisturizing oils. (Most face wipes leave my skin a little dry and irritated, and these are the opposite.) And the @helen_kaminski hat is counterintuitively incredible travel-friendly and never seems to crease; it's also the perfect languid, slouchy-sexy statement that goes with everything✨Have a question for goop’s beauty director, @jeangodfreyjune? Comment below or tweet us using #AskJean.

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