So there is a product FUR pubic hair care

Most ladies are almost obsessive about getting rid of  pubic hair. Whether it’s going completely bare, or leaving a landing strip, we are constantly discussing what the best methods for hair removal are.

But nobody has any tips for ladies who prefer not to get rid of their pubic hair. Well a company is encouraging ladies who like to leave their bushes untamed with this product, and we are not sure how we feel about it. The product – Fur Oil attempts to encourage ladies to groom their pubic hair, as part of their skin care routine.

Fur Oil is meant to soften your pubic hair to ease comfort and manageability. It also works to clear pores and prevent ingrown hairs. The main ingredients of the product, include grape seed and jojoba oils to soften and condition the pubic hair, tea tree oil which is antimicrobial to help clear the pores and prevent ingrowns and clary sage seed oil which has healing properties to soothe and prevent inflammation.

If you think about it a bit, a grooming product for your pubes is actually not such a bad idea, especially if you are a member of  team #NoShave. And even for people who do shave, we can imagine this product will provide you some level of comfort between the period you last shaved and next shave (and it does get pretty uncomfortable).

The product cost about 12,000 naira ($39) for a 75ml bottle, which we feel is a little too pricey for fancy oil for your pubes. But if you are into it (for whatever reason), you can get it here.

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