All the panels you must attend at this year’s social media week

Social Media Week is upon us again. It is the largest conference in Africa targeted at brands and individuals who are heavily invested in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Life lessons on how these media can and have been put to use towards social development, financial empowerment and political enlightenment will be there just for the taking.

So here you are thinking, that’s a lot of nerd stuff but what’s in it for me?

No worries, we’ve scoured through the schedule so you don’t have to and compiled a list of the style related events set to happen come February 21.

Late night shopping and Champagne Mixer with Zazaii

Happening on the last day of  social media week, fashion retailer Zazaii who we profiled on our list of names to watch in 2016 is kicking off the year after their official launch in December 2015 with a Cocktail mixer and shopping party.


Hosted by L.F.D.W alumni and CEO of LPM Africa Isoken Ogiemwonyi, there will be drinks, a special social media week discount on items bought at the store during that evening and of course, music. Even better, the Zazaii mixer is happening at the store at 36 Balarabe Musa Crescent off Manuwa, off Ozumba Mbadiwe, Samuel Manuwa street Lagos. The newest collections from the designers with stocking and concession deals will be on display and everyone who is anyone in the Fashion and lifestyle industry will be there. And all you have to do to get in is RSVP.

Social by Design: Why customers buy African

Africa is starting to value the process of design and its answers, but Africans aren’t voting intelligent design over imitation with their wallets. Hosted by Image and Time, The social by design panel brings together experts from various fields to discuss the concept of buying African and why young people have to be at the forefront of pushing this movement. It hopes to tackle the future of design, and how sustainability can be achieved.
Participants will take away a clear understanding of the imperatives of leveraging social and design whilst doing business in Africa.

Styled by Ayaba Fashion Fix: The fashion jury

 Fashion site Style By Ayaba is organizing an independent event to specially celebrate the work of fashion bloggers and the efforts they have put into creating their brands today. It is also an opportunity for older bloggers to network with young emerging bloggers and learn the tricks of the trade and how to turn it into a financially viable enterprise. To quote Style By Ayaba;

It answers the who, what, why, when, where and how of fashion blogging with contributions from top fashion bloggers and personalities ranging from fashion designers, to fashion photographers, fashion illustrators, fashion enthusiasts, fashion stylists, make up artists and retailers in the fashion world.

Sounds really good, RSVP maybe?

Beauty in Tech.

There is so much information about beauty specific to women of colour being shared by African women throughout the diaspora. Apps, social media and other forms of digital content is used for knowledge sharing. There are tutorials, products, tips, trends quickly consumed and exchanged between women in neighbourhoods, cities, countries, and continents. The beauty in Tech panel seeks to discuss the new innovations, and recognize the everyday women using social media to  advance black beauty.

The panel will highlight the latest apps, sites, and social media platforms and the minds behind them on this insightful panel that investigates the future of beauty and the unique ways African women are utilizing technology for self-determination. so RSVP guys.

We will be there, will you?

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